OpenAM: Basic core docs for install

OpenAM Community LogoOpenAM is the busiest project today at ForgeRock. You probably already know that the OpenAM Wiki has lots of great information, including install instructions for many different situations.

Perhaps the core docs should distill the best and most permanent of the Wiki content, so that new users can easily start out with OpenAM. I have started towards that goal in the Install Guide.

Some background if you feel you might pitch in…

  • For examples, the only data I got from outside is the same data used for OpenDJ examples.
  • I installed everything in a CentOS 6 VirtualBox VM
    • 2048 MB memory
    • 8 GB disk (in other words, no, I probably cannot share this with you in Dropbox)
  • Added /path/to, made my user the owner
  • Installed Java 6, Tomcat 7, OpenDJ 2.4.3 in /path/to.
    Was going to try JBoss since lots of people seem to be using that. Maybe later.
  • /etc/hosts says is
  • This is for docs, so passwords everywhere are “password”, or failing that “secret12”.
  • iptables includes an accept rule for port 8080 (Tomcat) -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT (which needs to be before the REJECT rules, see this post).
  • VBoxManage modifyvm "CentOS 6" --natpf1 "guestssh,tcp,,2222,,22" so ssh -p 2222 goes to CentOS.
  • VBoxManage modifyvm "CentOS 6" --natpf1 "tomcat,tcp,,12380,,8080" so from the laptop browser goes to Tomcat, goes to OpenAM.

If you have some suggestions about how to set up the software to make the examples easier for people to understand, feel free to leave comments.