Mark Craig used to work as lead writer on Sun’s Directory Server documentation, then he managed Sun’s Identity Documentation teams. After that at Sun and at Oracle, he managed the Directory Integration Team, part of the Directory Services engineering group.

While at Sun, Mark’s blog was called Margin Notes. This blog is both a continuation and also a new version of Margin Notes, hence the 2.0.

Mark now works at ForgeRock. He lives near Grenoble, France, with his wife and three children.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Csaba Dobo

    Nice blog,
    may I ask a few questions?

    In my company we are thinking about using forgerock but have been unable to find aswers to help decide on if it is for us or not.

    Also set up previously an openldap server with sudo ldap and nss for my purposes but forgerock seems more streamlined. Not sure if it has all the tools ready for what we want.

    I managed to set up openidm and opendj under linux.
    What I need to know to evaluate the product is:
    would this system work for us in setting up a centralized directory to manage users in a unix-linux server enviroment? We also want to set what user can accsess to what host and who can be a system admin on what host.
    This is what we would like to use this system for.

    Do you have any case studies and docs on this? Perhaps a step-by-step doc?

    I would also like to know if this can provide a simple web gui to manage users and hosts?

    1. Thanks Csaba,

      Great questions, and I know that some of the people on the OpenDJ mailing list, https://lists.forgerock.org/pipermail/opendj/, are using OpenDJ as a network directory. Some additional features like the Samba Password Sync plugin help to make OpenDJ a good fit, http://docs.forgerock.org/en/opendj/2.6.0/admin-guide/index/chap-samba.html

      OpenIDM can can give you REST and GUI access to manage users, and can handle the provisioning for example integrate with existing systems. I’m not sure that it would be something out of the box specific to UNIX-Linux system administration, though. The default UI is going to be something like what you see in the Integrators Guide, http://docs.forgerock.org/en/openidm/3.0.0/integrators-guide/#ui-overview
      The OpenIDM mailing list is also very active, https://lists.forgerock.org/pipermail/openidm/


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