DevOps docs leap forward

The ForgeRock DevOps docs for 6.5 add a lot beyond version 6. Not only do the 6.5 DevOps Developer’s Guide (formerly DevOps Guide) and Quick Start Guide cover everything they addressed in 6, you now get much more guidance:

  • The Start Here roadmap gives you an overview of all docs.
  • The Release Notes bring you up to date quickly from the previous release.
  • The CDM Cookbooks bring you the Cloud Deployment Model, a recipe for common use of the ForgeRock Identity Platform in a DevOps environment. At present, ForgeRock publishes cookbooks for Google’s cloud and Amazon’s cloud, relying on Kubernetes for orchestration in both clouds. Make sure you read through to the Benchmarking chapter, where you will learn what it cost ForgeRock to run sample deployments in the real world.
  • The Site Reliability Guides cover how to customize and run the deployments in the cloud of your choice.

Congratulations to everyone in the cloud deployment team on an impressive release, and especially to Gina, David, and Shankar for a great doc set!