Noindex, nofollow for draft docs

When your web search turns up hits for ForgeRock documentation, often the in-progress, draft docs top the list. Although this is handy for those of us working with nightly builds from trunk, it’s not so great if you’re working with a stable release, one that does not yet include the newest features and the latest compatibility changes. The finished docs have been more thoroughly reviewed and finished than the in-progress, draft docs, and aim to be technically accurate and complete with respect to the software as delivered.

With the move to the 2.1.4 release of the documentation tools, we have started publishing the in-progress, draft project documentation with headers and meta tags to encourage robots not to index those versions. Then hope is that, over time, readers will find it easier to find the published docs at that match the release they use.

If you are working with nightly builds and trying out the latest features, know that we are still keeping the draft docs as current as possible. Please do continue using the draft docs. Feel free to log issues. Feel free to link to them from blog posts about new features and so forth. When answering questions from someone using a stable release, however, do send them to the published docs for the release at

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