ForgeRock welcomes Gene Hirayama

ForgeRock Logo Welcome to Gene Hirayama who joined the ForgeRock documentation team today. Happy you have joined us, Gene!

Gene has been writing directory and identity management documentation since he joined Sun Microsystems in 2006, and more recently at UnboundID Corp. Gene has worked as a technical writer for 17 years, before that maintaining and monitoring computer systems. Gene’s domain knowledge not only of UNIX and LDAP but also of REST, SCIM, XACML, and OAuth 2.0 will help him quickly to write useful documentation on all components of the ForgeRock stack.

Gene’s initial focus at ForgeRock will be access management documentation for OpenAM, policy agents, and OpenIG. This is good news for ForgeRock and good news for the community, as Gene ramps up in the new year to fix, improve, and extend core documentation.

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