ForgeRock doc tools 2.0.0 released

ForgeRock Community Logo Today marked the release of ForgeRock doc tools 2.0.0. This release includes changes for 32 issues. Some were bug fixes, others issues and improvements, still others investigations into a future reimplementation of

You can read the release announcement sent to the docs list. You might also want to read the HTML version of the release notes. Some new features and improvements:

  • Integrated support for text-based UML image sources, thanks to PlantUML
  • Support for olinks in PDF
  • DPI set automatically on PNGs
  • ↪ on mouseover in HTML for all titles with anchors, making it easier to send the link to a procedure, example, or table
  • Support for Maven properties in XML attribute values
  • Branding and common content moved to separate Maven projects, enabling use of custom branding and boilerplate
  • Support for a basic .zip of release docs

When you upgrade to this version of the plugin, you must not only change the version number in your POM, but also adjust the configuration. After you read the release notes, also see the README for more information.

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