OpenAM 11.0.0, Policy Agents 3.3.0 released

ForgeRock LogoIn case you missed it yesterday, OpenAM 11.0.0 and Policy Agents 3.3.0 are officially released and available for download.

This major release brings many fixes and new features. Here’s a partial list:

  • More adaptive authentication with device fingerprinting, support for OATH
  • The new OpenAM Core Token Service (CTS), with a more generalized token storage format for sessions, SAML Tokens, and OAuth Tokens
  • New, more modern RESTful web services for authentication, identity management, profile management, session management, Integrated Windows Authentication, and more
  • Full support for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect 1.0
  • Support for Java 7
  • Support for IPv6 throughout
  • Cloud dashboard capabilities
  • Support for additional platforms, web servers, and containers
  • … read more in the OpenAM release notes, web policy agent release notes, and Java EE policy agent release notes

Many thanks to all who contributed to the OpenAM documentation! Whether you helped as a co-author, logged doc issues in JIRA, carried out formal review, provided a patch, or even just made a suggestion, the docs are better with your participation.

You can find links to the released documentation from the download page, and in the usual location under

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