OpenDJ: .deb & .rpm packages

OpenDJ Community Logo You might not have noticed, yet, but Ludo has updated the OpenDJ nightly builds page to add .deb and .rpm packages.

Although the packages are not yet in any particular repository as far as I know, this is good news for people running OpenDJ directory server on CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc., etc. We have packaged builds for those platforms. This was part of the reason that Violette has revisited OpenDJ directory server upgrade for the forthcoming release.

If you do use the packaged version, make sure you log any bugs you find in the OpenDJ issue tracker.

I have a few doc changes almost ready for the OpenDJ Installation Guide. As you can imagine though, the install, upgrade, and uninstall just work with the package management tools you already know how to use. One thing to note: when you remove native packages, your data and configuration remain where they are. If you are sure you want to remove those, you must do so post-uninstall.


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