ForgeRock welcomes Mike Jang

ForgeRock Community LogoWelcome to Mike Jang who joined the ForgeRock documentation team this past Monday. Glad to have you with us, Mike!

If you have studied for a Linux certification exam, you might have done so with one of Mike’s books. He likes learning new software, having taught himself SELinux, iptables-based firewalls, LDAP, Kerberos, repository-based package management tools, virtualization and more, with ForgeRock access management software next on his list. Mike has done both technical writing and also teaching. As you might have noticed, he started contributing to the OpenAM mailing list before joining ForgeRock.

Mike’s main focus at ForgeRock will be access management documentation for the OpenAM and OpenIG projects. It’s great to have another skilled writer, and especially good for the community to have someone so well-versed in what system administrators really need to know.


One thought on “ForgeRock welcomes Mike Jang

  1. Good to know you are getting people with this background. You should push to do the same with OpenIDM. Looking forward to see those changes in the incoming openAM versions.

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