OpenDJ: 2.5.0-Xpress1 now available

OpenDJ Community LogoOpenDJ 2.5.0-Xpress1 is now available. This release brings you new features like pass-through authentication to Microsoft Active Directory, improved referential integrity for groups, access log filtering and formatting enhancements, ETag attributes for optimistic concurrency control, synchronization for Samba & OpenDJ passwords, 30 other features and enhancements and 150 bug fixes many of which are available only in 2.5.x. For a full list, read the release notes.

You can download OpenDJ 2.5.0-Xpress1 from the OpenDJ download page.

We are continuing to update the in-progress docs on the community site, so you will continue to see improvements there as we advance toward the final OpenDJ 2.5.0 release.


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