OpenAM: Self-Registration with the Membership Auth Module

OpenAM Community LogoLetting users self-register with OpenAM is straightforward. Basically, you set up the Membership authentication module, and then point users to it by specifying the module as one of the query string parameters in your URL to OpenAM.

To configure the Membership authentication module to allow self-registration, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to OpenAM web-based console as amadmin.
  2. Browse to Access Control > Realm Name > Authentication > Module Instances.
  3. Click New to add a new authentication module.
    Name: SelfReg
    Type: Membership
  4. Click OK to save your work.
  5. Log out of OpenAM console in order to try self-registration.

To try self-registration through the Membership authentication module, follow these steps.

  1. Browse to log in to OpenAM, adding the realm and SelfReg module in the query string, such as
  2. Click New User.
  3. Enter the new user details on the Self Registration page, and then click Register.
  4. Agree to the disclaimer (which can be customized for your site).
  5. Check your new user page in OpenAM, and then log out when you are done.

6 thoughts on “OpenAM: Self-Registration with the Membership Auth Module

  1. Hello Mark, I have one question:

    Is it possible to change the default values required for the Membership module?

    I mean: I need the user type his employee number for example, is that possible with this module? Or I need another insight.


  2. Hello Jorge,

    Thanks for your comment. I might not be understanding your question correctly.

    Presumably employee numbers are assigned by the organization, and so employees already have accounts the organization provisioned for them before they first login. Employees would go directly to one of the other OpenAM authentication modules to login with their existing accounts. (Once they successfully login, you can have them change their password and update other account information through the OpenAM end user page for example if you would rather use OpenAM than some other provisioning application such as OpenIDM. The fields on that page can be customized at OpenAM configuration time,

    In principle only users without accounts (new customers, new partners, new community members, etc.) would choose the “Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now.” link and thus go to the Membership module.

    Again, I may be misunderstanding what you are aiming to do.


  3. I’m sorry, my english is really bad jaja

    I’ll try it again

    I need to modify or extend the default registration form

    I want that because I’d like that users introduce for example employee number or another data different to the default:

    Username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Email Address

    I check the link you send me and it’s very like what i want but I have some issues following the tutotial, i’ll keep on the track anyway.

    I hope you understand me this time. Thanks for your answer 😀

  4. Hello,

    I know this post seems a little dated, but it applies to what I’m doing. using openam 11 I’m trying to enable self-registration. when I follow your steps above I get a Your authentication module is denied.

    would you be able to tell what is wrong?


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