Comments as a Service?

Phusion Juvia logo One RFE for ForgeRock core docs is to let people leave comments on the HTML pages. This seems like a good compromise between harder-to-modify core docs that we eventually release and the Wiki that anyone can choose to update at any time.

My expectation is to get something along the lines of the PHP manual effect, where we can then roll the useful review comments back into the docs themselves, and without losing the comments just because the underlying HTML content got updated.

So I’m looking for a commenting system that fits as an overlay of static HTML. The principle seems to be that comments are stored in a database somewhere, and the pages get an ID so a bit of JavaScript can pull in the comments. Seems like the build plugin could manage that.

For the community sites, is it better to go with something open source like Juvia where we have to handle the setup and the database, but we then control the content fully? Or to go with something like Disqus or IntenseDebate where we don’t have to manage the service, but don’t have as much control over the content?


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