OpenDJ: Dev Guide Requests?

The OpenDJ LDAP SDK dev guide is starting to take shape. The latest updates have been to the LDAP controls chapter, mainly a chance for me to pretend to be working while I’m playing with the API.

Some of the chapters are still empty, but others are fully drafted. The current table of contents includes:

1. Understanding LDAP
2. Best Practices For LDAP Application Developers
3. Getting OpenDJ LDAP SDK
4. Using the SDK
5. Authenticating To the Directory
6. Searching & Comparing Directory Data
7. Getting Information About the Directory Service
8. Updating Directory Data
9. Working With LDIF
10. Working With Controls
11. Working With Extended Operations
12. Writing Multithreaded Applications
13. Internationalizing Applications
14. Writing a Simple LDAP Proxy
I. Tools Reference (the command line toolkit)

What do you want to see in the LDAP part of the dev guide? Make sure you check out the examples, too.

Please leave a comment to let me know.


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