OpenAM: Deploy on WebLogic 12c

OpenAM Community Logo OpenAM 10.0.0 supports WebLogic 12c as a container.

First download and install WebLogic 12c for example under /path/to/wls.

  1. OpenAM needs an FQDN at configuration time.
    To get started quickly, fake an FQDN on your laptop or desktop by giving the system an alias such as or If you have never done so before, it’s not too hard. See the Wikipedia entry on the hosts file.
  2. Restart WebLogic with enough max perm gen space to deploy OpenAM (at least 256m, -XX:MaxPermSize=256m).
    With 128m on Linux as suggested in the README.txt for WebLogic 12c, I saw this during configuration:

    Configuring Directory Server ..... 
    An unexpected error occurred. Not enough memory to perform the operation. Details: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
  3. Follow the Install Application Assistant instructions.
  4. Browse to the OpenAM console such as to configure OpenAM.
    If you are not sure what to configure, see the Install Guide for hints.

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