OpenAM: Deploy on Jetty 7

OpenAM Community Logo OpenAM 10.0.0 supports Jetty 7 as a container.

This one is quick once you have managed to download OpenAM and Jetty, and have unpacked Jetty for example under /path/to/jetty.

  1. OpenAM needs an FQDN at configuration time.
    To get started quickly, fake an FQDN on your laptop or desktop by giving the system an alias such as or If you have never done so before, it’s not too hard. See the Wikipedia entry on the hosts file.
  2. Copy the OpenAM .war to the webapps/folder for Jetty.
    $ cp ~/Downloads/openam.war /path/to/jetty/webapps/
  3. Start Jetty with enough memory to run OpenAM comfortably for evaluation.
    $ cd /path/to/jetty
    $ java -server -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -jar start.jar
  4. Browse to the OpenAM console to configure OpenAM.
    If you are not sure what to configure, see the Install Guide for hints.

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