Kindle: Formatting Code and Commands?

Kindle Although Amazon’s policy around the Kindle could stand to be revised, the device itself works for me. Good for text, lightweight, long lasting battery charge, built-in Wifi, large storage (for text), relatively cheap, the Kindle suffices as a book replacement. Since I bought one last summer, 33 out of the probably 40 books I read for recreation were on the Kindle.

The Kindle should be a great way to carry around a bunch of ForgeRock documentation, too. Yet for <pre>-style text like code, long commands, wide literal identifiers like, and lists that use indentation for formatting, the Kindle is not so great.

The default fonts seem to allow for about 45 characters in portrait layout. Even on the 7.5′ x 9′ pages we have been using for PDF, 80 characters of monospace font can fit without sprawling into the wide left margin.

This brings me to my questions:

  • How should non-trivial DocBook output be styled for the Kindle? (While this is less of a problem on something like an iPad, it may be even more of a problem on something a sys admin is sure to have when most everything else drops offline: a phone. There’s an interesting discussion on APK at docbook-apps. But what size font will you have to use to read lists, wide literals, command lines, etc.)
  • And by the way, what’s the right way with Maven to build Kindle-ready output from DocBook directly?

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