Github: Highly Recommended

Octocat Do you work on more than one computer? Do you work on shared files with other people? Do you ever make mistakes?

Okay, enough rhetorical questions. This is not exactly news, but… Unless you need to hide your work, GitHub can help.* This is especially true for work on code, because the underlying tool, git, is built for distributed version control and source code management. Thus for work on text files where all the formatting matters, you can compare, look at what happened over time, merge independent changes, and so forth. GitHub adds the advantage giving you a place to store stuff in a way that is easy to view and to share. That’s handy even for ā€” yuck! ā€” binary files.

Plenty of other little features from automatically formatting a Markdown-based README to a nice source browser make GitHub more fun/less a pain in the nether regions than other solutions. If you also use another version control system, such as Subversion, then in theory you can use both together without losing any history. For my small projects, I found this not to be worth the effort.

*GitHub can also help if you need to hide your work, but you’ll have to pay for it.

2 thoughts on “Github: Highly Recommended

    1. Yes, there’s talk internally about moving at least to git. Should be possible to retail all histories.

      There’s perhaps an area or two where projects have been naughty and rely on svn somehow, but that should be fixable.

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