Core docs: Refactoring

ForgeRock community logo The docbkx-tools Maven plugin has been a great boon for building core documentation for OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM using DocBook XML source. There’s lots of flexibility in DocBook XSL configuration, and also plenty that can be done with ant content in the Maven pom.xml.

With the flexibility comes a propensity for longer and longer sections in the pom.xml. Plus, maintaining the customizations in sync for all projects gets messy when done by copy/paste. (And would get messier as we add to projects like OpenIG, OpenICF.)

So I’ve moved to using a Maven plugin that relies on mojo-executor to call docbkx-tools. The plugin also does some other work as well.

Perhaps there’s something off-the-shelf that I could’ve taken. I didn’t find it, though building something has made it a bit easier to understand what I’m looking for.


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