OpenAM: Open season on doc bugs

OpenAM Community LogoFor some time I’ve been more or less head down at ForgeRock, writing about what is going to become OpenAM 10. Perhaps you’ve seen things taking form under the core docs page on the OpenAM community site.

The OpenAM Wiki is growing more and more. At the same time, with the major release coming up, we want to provide core docs that we have reviewed and tested alongside the software. I’m expecting to squash lots of doc bugs between now and the final release.

Here’s the docset table of contents as it stands today (minus the release notes, which will be updated closer to the release date):

Installation Guide

1. Installing OpenAM Core Services
2. Installing OpenAM Tools
3. Installing OpenAM Console Only
4. Installing OpenAM Core Only
5. Installing OpenAM Distributed Authentication
6. Installing OpenAM Client SDK Samples
7. Customizing the OpenAM End User Pages
8. Setting Up OpenAM Session Failover
9. Upgrading OpenAM Core Services
10. Removing OpenAM Software

Administration Guide

1. Administration Interfaces & Tools
2. Defining Authentication Services
3. Defining Authorization Policies
4. Defining Entitlements
5. Configuring Realms
6. Configuring Policy Agent Profiles
7. Configuring Password Reset
8. Configuring Cross-Domain Single Sign On
9. Managing Federation
10. Backing Up and Restoring OpenAM Configurations
11. Managing Certificates
12. Monitoring OpenAM Services
13. Tuning OpenAM
14. Troubleshooting

Developer’s Guide

1. OpenAM APIs and Protocols
2. Developing Client Applications
3. Using RESTful Web Services
4. Using the OpenAM Java SDK
5. Authenticating Using OpenAM Java SDK
6. Handling Single Sign On Using OpenAM Java SDK
7. Requesting Policy Decisions Using OpenAM Java SDK
8. Using Fedlets in Java Web Applications
9. Using the OpenAM C API
10. Extending OpenAM
11. Customizing Profile Attributes
12. Customizing Authentication Modules
13. Creating a Post Authentication Plugin
14. Customizing Policy Evaluation
15. Customizing Identity Data Storage


I. OpenAM Command Line Tools
1. Log Messages
2. Error Messages
3. Ports Used
4. Localization
5. File Layout
6. Supported Standards

Policy Agent 3 Installation Guide

1. About OpenAM Web Policy Agents
2. Installing the Apache 2.0.x Policy Agent
3. Installing the Apache 2.2 Policy Agent
4. Installing the Microsoft IIS 6 Policy Agent
5. Installing the Microsoft IIS 7 Policy Agent
6. Installing the Sun Web Server Policy Agent
7. About OpenAM Java EE Policy Agents
8. Installing the Apache Tomcat Policy Agent
9. Installing the GlassFish Policy Agent
10. Installing the JBoss Application Server Policy Agent
11. Installing the Jetty Server Policy Agent
12. Installing the IBM WebSphere Policy Agent
13. Installing the Oracle WebLogic Policy Agent
14. Troubleshooting

Under the core docs page you’ll also find other formats, like the entire books in PDF or as a single HTML page, and also a link to the Javadoc.

If you want to help out as you test the latest OpenAM nightly builds on the road to OpenAM 10, I would live to hear from you. You’re welcome to sign up for a chapter or two on the OpenAM doc review dashboard.


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