OpenDJ: Identity Store for Tomcat and JSPWiki

OpenDJ Community LogoWhat I like about JSPWiki is that it is generally pretty easy to set up, and instead of using a database to store content out of the box, it lets you store your wiki pages in files. The file-based storage can be handy when you want to grep through your content or change a bunch of files with sed and awk.

Apache Tomcat is one of the easiest web application containers to get up and running. Lots of people use it to set up OpenAM for testing, and also for deployment.

Tomcat can do container managed security, so you can set up users and groups in OpenDJ and let users login to Tomcat applications by authenticating with their OpenDJ username and password. Container managed security is not so versatile as OpenAM, but it can be handy if you have your identities in OpenDJ and want quickly to set up an application like JSPWiki with authentication through to OpenDJ. Today I took a break from other writing and added a couple of how to docs to the ForgeRock OpenDJ Wiki:

All three Java applications worked fine for me with OpenJDK on an Ubuntu virtual machine. There are lots of other LDAP-enabled applications out there that work with OpenDJ. It will be great to see more how-tos on the wiki.

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