OpenAM, OpenDJ: Looking for doc reviewers

OpenDJ Community Logo OpenAM Community Logo OpenAM core documentation is starting to come together on the project site. Install documentation for core services is up, with agent install documentation off to a good start. The admin guide now has some meat. The reference is coming together. There’s plenty of work on federation, use of entitlements, a whole dev guide, and tips on monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting still to write. But it’s about time to start taking feedback.

OpenDJ core docs are mostly up to date with the trunk. Matt’s still developing pass-through authentication, and the doc on that is pending. So too with native packaging for Linux distros. Yet what’s there could definitely benefit from your comments.

By the way, the core docs will cover the product features, and so won’t necessarily cover specific use cases in detail, or how to integrate OpenAM or OpenDJ with other software. For that, a good place to check is the ForgeRock Wiki.


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