DocBook stylesheets and PDFs

DocBook duckYesterday I never got around to posting, mainly because of an overly optimistic guess at how long it would take to tweak the PDF layout and styles in the docs. I have been working on the OpenDJ docs so far, with the intent to get the styles worked out, and then factor the Maven content to push as much as possible into something separate, a wrapper for docbkx-tools.

What I committed yesterday was incomplete. Today I have something a bit more complete that adjusts title sizes, front matter, changes the page size, and embeds the DejaVu fonts. You can see the PDF results under the docs page of the OpenDJ community site.

Don’t know about you, but I find HTML lots easier to style than outputs that go through FOP. Are there some better (free, open source) tools I should use instead of text editing and the command line?

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