OpenDJ: WebHelp format for docs?

Docbkx-tools logoThis past Saturday morning I started having a look at DocBook WebHelp format, the main advantages of which are twofold:

  1. The left menu, a tree layout of the titles, is always available.
  2. Search is built in.

The initial experiment is easy to do with docbkx-tools, just <goal>generate-webhelp</goal>. (That did not automatically pick up the images and styles, of course.) With the current setup of OpenDJ docs something is wrong in the XInclude resolution for a doc <set>. So instead of having the <set> as the home that contains all docs, I added a simple cover page to my experiment, posted at

The draft Admin Guide has the most content, and so is perhaps the best example.

Having each book in its own WebHelp container leaves something to be desired, but I like the navigation and search. In terms of design, seems like an improvement on the whole idea.

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