OpenDJ: Today’s webinar

Today Ludo is leading two webinars covering OpenDJ for ForgeRock partners, and I am sitting in with him. Ludo says he will post presentation materials after the second webinar later today.

Let me post what I have here in between the two sessions. First, let me say thank you to those of you participating. Also, let me reiterate what I have to say about documentation.

  1. OpenDJ draft core documentation is on its way to becoming complete. Again, core docs are those that will run the review gauntlet. We intend for core docs to be what the community considers the doc for a particular release, covering how to use all features, aiming for full technical accuracy and completeness. Core doc sources sit in the code repository alongside the rest of the software. They have a Creative Commons license. If you want to help out as a core doc author, check the guide on the wiki.
  2. OpenDJ Wiki pages are there for community sharing as well. You can edit the OpenDJ Wiki. Sign up is right there when you first login. The Wiki is an easy place to post information. There’s even a WYSIWYG editor to make it a snap to add or change content. The primary difference between the core docs and the Wiki is that the Wiki can change at any time, and pages there do not necessarily undergo review. Like the core docs, Wiki pages also have a Creative Commons license.
  3. On the developer Wiki, you will find a page with example outlines for providing white papers or case studies. White papers and case studies lie outside the core docs, instead covering topics like getting OpenDJ to work with other software, or providing a particular solution involving OpenDJ. The idea is for you, partners, to be able to advertise your expertise, showing off what you know how to do. You might choose to publish your white papers and case studies elsewhere, and perhaps not originally in English. We would like to be able at least to link to the work you are doing, to get the word out to potential customers that you are available to help them with OpenDJ.

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