Time that won’t be wasted

Duke Nukem cover
Source: Wikipedia

Okay… this has nothing to do with the rest of the posts here… but we’ve been waiting so long, only to be disappointed.

A long time ago, back when Quake and even Doom seemed cool, there was a first-person-shooter that combined playability with humor so bad it was actually good. I’m talking about Duke Nukem 3D.

What I enjoyed about the jokes and sci-fi references was how the game went so over the top it seemed actually to make fun of itself, thus neutralizing the offensiveness. Duke Nukem 3D even seemed Kafkaesque at times, though in Fletch kind of way.

Looks like the one of the most delayed remakes in history is not worth the wait. So even if I did have one of the platforms it runs on, I would not be rushing to download a copy.

Gee, maybe I’ll have to read a book instead. Or write one.

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