OpenDJ: Using Replication

OpenDJ Community LogoReplication is often seen as OpenDJ’s killer feature. With replication set up, your directory service can survive the loss of a server, or even the loss of a data center, while continuing to serve client applications. Replication silently propagates updates, resolving even the sort of conflicts that can arise after applications separately update the same data in different ways on different replicas.

For those of you using replication, I have added a chapter to the admin guide concerning what replication does and how to configure it.

I have not yet written the doc concerning the change log, which publishes changes as they happen for those of you with applications that need to be notified about updates. Hope to get to that soon.

If you use replication, I would appreciate your remarks on how to make the admin guide content better. Come discuss over on the OpenDJ mailing list.

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