HTML docs: single page vs. chunks?

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What size chunks do you prefer for HTML documentation?

  • An entire <book> as a single HTML file?
  • Split the book into one HTML file per <chapter>?
  • Even smaller chunks than chapters?

So far we have been generating one HTML file per <book>, because the docs are still mostly outline, little content. Even the OpenDJ Admin Guide is still only 112 pages in PDF. With a single book file, you can /search or Ctrl+F search to find what you want.

Trouble is, as the docs grow, pages can become quite large. What still works in a document with the equivalent of approx. 100 pages of text might not work so well in a document with the equivalent of 500 pages, plus a number of graphics.

Another alternative would be to generate both. Still discussing with the docbkx-tools community about that.


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One response to “HTML docs: single page vs. chunks?

  1. I’ve updated the OpenDJ community site to provide both alternatives. See

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