WYSIWYG DocBook: XMLMind Personal Edition

XMLmind logoXMLMind Personal Edition comes with a license that allows you to edit documentation for open source software under a Creative Commons license, such as the core documentation for OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM, and OpenICF.

Here is a bit more than my last notes on XMLMind. Out of the box, XMLMind Personal Edition lets you edit DocBook 5 XML in near WYSIWYG. I tried opening the OpenDJ admin guide first:


Some notes follow for those of you authoring with XMLMind Personal Edition.

  • Only the currently open file is read-write.
    If the document is set up as a top-level book that references chapter/appendix/reference files with XInclude, then you must open the individual, included documents in order to edit them.
  • Adding paragraphs, itemized lists, ordered lists, tables, figures, is easy.
    If you want to add an item to a variable list, however, you need to select another whole varlistentry from the nested list at the top of the window, and then right-click to Insert Before… or Insert After…
  • Unfortunately, saving a file results in reformatting. Thus svn diff says the whole file has changed. Fine if you are essentially writing or rewriting a whole chapter, but not so fine if you are editing a single line, or fixing a few typos.

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