WYSIWYG DocBook Editor?

DocBook duck colophon Those of you out there writing DocBook, especially those who do not do a lot of DocBook editing, what open source WYSIWYG DocBook editors do you use?

What DocBook authoring tools to you recommend to folks just getting started with DocBook? For example, what would you recommend for a software developer or architect who has not necessarily worked with a lot of non-WYSIWYG authoring tools? The DocBook authoring tools Wiki page seems to have been lost.

Supported solutions do exist, such as Syntext Serna, XMLmind, and Oxygen XML Editor. What about open source authoring tools, though? Perhaps you have set up XWiki with Wikbook.

Thanks for your suggestions.


3 thoughts on “WYSIWYG DocBook Editor?

  1. Looking again at Serna Free… from the Syntext forum it looks like DocBook 5 support is not yet on the roadmap. Ludovic tried 4.3 with DocBook 5 source anyway. The stylesheets are similar enough that they sort of work for WYSIWYG editing… but as the document type is not recognized, there’s no tag completion.

    So I suppose that it’s currently a question either of learning enough Serna to add support for DocBook 5, or of using other tools for now until Serna has DocBook 5 support.

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