ForgeRock: Case Study & White Paper templates

ForgeRock logo Core documentation rarely covers everything you want and need to know about building a solution. Core documentation can get you going on your laptop or in the lab. Yet, if your project is big or ambitious, you no doubt want to work with an expert partner who can help you take the project from idea to deployment.

Short case studies and white papers can help you get a feel for what a partner knows, and where the partner’s specific expertise lies. A short case study or white paper can be fairly quick for a partner to write after a successful implementation.

Of course to finish you have to get started. Sometimes technical experts who are great in their area feel challenged when presented with the blank wiki or word processor page. Therefore I have posted a draft How To on getting started with a case study or white paper, including proposed outlines for both.

Hope some of you find it useful. Feel free to login and change the content where you see room for improvement.