OpenDJ SDK: man pages

OpenDJ community logoThe network was down when I arrived at the office Tuesday morning. So I started filling in some man pages to fix a bug that Matt had opened.

After filling in the pages quickly and cobbling together some examples, I had a look (e.g. cd opendj3; mvn pre-site; man -M man -M  target/docbkx/manpages/dev-guide/OpenDJ-Dev-Guide/ modrate). I am pleasantly surprised by how well the DocBook XSL stylesheets lay out the pages in .roff and in HTML. The PDF needs work, though, probably some customizations. (Is the default termlength for a variablelist really 24 characters?)

So far the pages are not packaged into the build. Here’s a .zip of the 7 pages I did Tuesday.

The Examples sections are minimal so far. Should break tradition and put the Examples section near the top of the pages rather than at the end? Does anybody out there actually use man pages any more?