OpenDJ: New Community Site

OpenDJ logoYesterday the new OpenDJ community site went live at, a few days after the OpenICF community site last week.

Community sites build as Maven site goals inside the projects, meaning that your contributions get rolled in as part of the normal site build process. To include the in-progress core docs, I added a copy-resources goal to the opendj-docs POM that puts all the HTML, EPUB, PDF, and RTF under the parent site content in a doc directory. Yet for most modules you can add a module-level site and then a link from the parent site.xml.

Maven supports site localization by keeping files side by side. Basically you put a localized copy of the site files under /code below the default site, where code is a language code such as fr or jp. I left copies of the Maven site archetype files for the French version under as a reminder and an example. As we get more on the community sites, it would definitely be nice to have more languages than English. (The same is true of the core docs, by the way.)