Another tool for editing DocBook 5 XML

Bluefish logo Not much spare time right now. Doing more context switching lately. I am working on explaining to you how to get OpenDJ working with SMF on OpenIndiana, but am currently confused about an issue running /usr/opendj/configure… More on that later.

Let me mention a relatively lightweight, old friend HTML/CSS/XML editor that has been helpful, especially when I did not want to start Eclipse just to change a few lines in a file, or check that everything looks okay.

Bluefish does not have features I want to handle full blown development of a Maven-based DocBook 5 XML doc set, but it does have the syntax highlighting, tag closing, folding and so forth. Great when putting together reference doc, for example, when vi and a shell leave me with a nagging feeling that I’ve perhaps inserted an error somewhere.

Still have several tools to look at, but Bluefish is a keeper. Nice for styling the CSS used with HTML, too.

One thought on “Another tool for editing DocBook 5 XML

  1. Did you try SciTE ? (work on all platforms) or others lightweight general editors ?
    I am used to SciTE, but I never really spend the time to work on configuration and plugins to make it more than a nice viewer.

    Looks like those kind of lightweight editors uses either GTKSourceView (GEdit, BlueFish, Anjuta) or Scintilla (almost all the other Scintilla, Geany, Notepad++ …).

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