dn: o=北京大学

g11n testing
Testing non-European locales, source: http://server.lunq.net

I told Gary I would run some manual functional tests of OpenDJ on Windows. At home the kids’ Windows 7 PC is in locale fr-FR.

Testing with European language characters seems to be pretty easy. Copy a suffix DN from a web page, paste it into the Control Panel, and then import an LDIF file. No problem.

But when I try creating a suffix with Chinese, o=北京大学, or Japanese, o=東京大学, all the entries are ignored on import. It is as if the text I copy/paste is not the same as the text I copy/paste then save in Notepad in UTF-8.

How does all that work, anyway? (Will the copy/paste steps I’m doing between a Terminal and Chrome on the Mac show up right in your view of this entry?)