Fun with docbkx-tools

Docbkx Tools logo Before starting at ForgeRock I had not played with doc tools for a couple of years. At Sun the doc tools team encapsulated doc production, which was a good thing for uniformity, productivity, and management of all the versions of all the documentation sets Sun published. The doc tools team had competent people, too. The production tools were great, even as early as 1999 when I joined.

It came as a surprise to see how far even a dilettante like me can get. With docbkx-tools, a tools for transforming DocBook in a Maven project, and a few other Maven plugins, I can roll my own. For a project based on a Maven environment, the tools make it straightforward to generate HTML and PDF but also EPUB and RTF from DocBook sources, which can then be uploaded directly as part of a project site.

If only it were as easy to do the book and page design. 🙂