XWiki LDAP authentication with OpenDJ

An Xwiki logo and OpenDJ logo

My copy of OpenDJ contains Example.com data imported from LDIF I posted at http://mcraig.org/ldif/Example.ldif, augmented with the data for using sudo-ldap.

After installing Xwiki, I followed the Xwiki instructions for configuring LDAP authentication. Here is what I changed in xwiki.cfg versus the original.

mark@ldapclient:~/XWiki Enterprise/webapps/xwiki/WEB-INF$ diff xwiki.cfg xwiki.cfg.orig
< xwiki.authentication.authclass=com.xpn.xwiki.user.impl.LDAP.XWikiLDAPAuthServiceImpl
> # xwiki.authentication.authclass=com.xpn.xwiki.user.impl.LDAP.XWikiLDAPAuthServiceImpl
< xwiki.authentication.ldap=1
> # xwiki.authentication.ldap=1
< xwiki.authentication.ldap.server=host.example.com
< xwiki.authentication.ldap.port=1389
> xwiki.authentication.ldap.server=
> xwiki.authentication.ldap.port=389
< xwiki.authentication.ldap.bind_DN=uid={0},ou=people,dc=example,dc=com
> xwiki.authentication.ldap.bind_DN=cn={0},department=USER,department=INFORMATIK,department=1230,o=MP
< xwiki.authentication.ldap.base_DN=dc=example,dc=com
> xwiki.authentication.ldap.base_DN=
< xwiki.authentication.ldap.UID_attr=uid
> # xwiki.authentication.ldap.UID_attr=cn

Subsequently, Barbara Jensen can login to XWiki.

Screenshot: Login as Babs

In the Example.ldif mentioned above, bjensen’s password is hifalutin.

Screenshot: Welcome Barbara Jensen

Notice the profile is for Barbara Jensen.

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