More tools for editing DocBook 5 XML

Docbkx Tools reached 2.0.12. (Congrats!) That reminded me I wanted to take a longer look at the tools Bruno suggested in a comment.

More authoring tools: I have not yet tried the online editors like owed, wooki, or wikibook. Today, I installed Serna Free and XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition.

  • Serna Free 4.3 (Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition) did not seem to include support for DocBook 5 out of the box. It looked quite promising with a nice interface, syntax highlighting, Xinclude support, and apparently a WYSIWYG mode for authoring. But I could not figure out how to add DocBook 5 support without adding a catalog. Part of my idea in working with Maven is that there’s no need to install local catalogs, which makes XML Schema, for example, a good bet.
  • XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition 4.8.0 (Ubuntu Netbook Edition) opens to an almost WYSIWYG view, expanding Xincluded files to show the document all at once (though you have to open included documents separately to edit them). Validity checking was instantaneous. Once I found the button to open the referenced document, I could use the sophisticated editing capabilities. This editor might take a little getting used to, but looks great for inserting tables, for example. I had to use the keyboard shortcuts for the menus, but perhaps that something with Unity and Sun Java not working well together, yet.
    XMLmind XML Editor would probably be a good choice for someone adding content, not changing structure, and not wanting to look at the XML markup.
    One downside I saw afterwards: XMLmind XML Editor reformats on save, including lines in the document that I did not edit. That’s pretty much a showstopper for working with other people. 😦

3 thoughts on “More tools for editing DocBook 5 XML

  1. Hi Alex,

    Where’s the Linux or Mac OS X version of Liquid Xml Editor?

    When I try the download I only get a Windows .exe.


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